A mirror of false reflection that doesn’t fit our image, the word is not amor (love), it’s dengo

Black Women of Brazil

A palavra não é amor, é dengo

Note from BW of Brazil: As we continue to try to re-construct our realities as African peoples stolen from our lands, we must deal with the multiplicity of methods that the colonizer used to conquer our beings, essences and very souls. One of those methods that is often overlooked is the simple usage of the language we were taught to use in the new lands to which we were transported and how these foreign tongues often cannot sufficiently describe our experiences, memories and ancestral ties as a people. Below, Davi Nunes explores the usage of a term that supposedly describes a universal sentiment and how its imposition on a people is yet another mismatch in our experience. 

The word is not amor (love), it’s dengo.

By Davi Nunes *

Portuguese, the language imposed by the colonizer, even after centuries of use, is an imperfect fit in our ori, in the

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Davi Nunes

Davi Nunes é colaborador do portal SoteroPreta, mestrando no Programa de Pós-graduação em Estudos de Linguagem- PPGEL/UNEB, poeta, contista e escritor de livro Infantil

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